20 Best Teacher Fonts on Canva FREE

Teacher Fonts on Canva

The best font selection always generates classic graphic design. A font style empowers the graphic design along with the documents. Canva made it easy to add fonts according to the needs and requirements of the user to graphic designing and other content. In this blog, the best teacher fonts on Canva are going to be discussed in detail.

Best Fonts for Teachers in Canva Free to Download & Use

Font styles that are used by teachers or educational institutions are usually known as Teacher Fonts and these typefaces are designed to be clear and clear to the users. These font styles are easy to legible for toddlers and young students too. There are many properties of the fonts for teachers and some of them are discussed below.

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Properties of Teacher Font Styles

Strokes: The stroking on characters and numbers in Teacher Fonts is made very simple and straight without the addition of any extra bloom. Font styles having burgeon strokes on characters are not included in the list of Teacher Fonts. Due to simple and straight strokes, Teacher Fonts are legible to young readers.

Spacing: Harmonious spacing between the characters and the letters is an important characteristic of the Teacher Fonts. The prominent and consistent spacing between the characters makes it easy to read for the students.

Clear appearance: The font styles used by teachers are designed in a way that they can appear clear and clean to the users. Teacher’s Fonts are easily legible and understandable for young students. The memorization and recognition of the characters of the teacher font are easy in these typefaces.

Paper Guides: Teacher Fonts are also often designed with lines on the paper that guide the young readers to understand the text easily and smoothly without any problem. Due to the lined paper guide quality of the Teacher Fonts, students could recognize and practice their writing skills easily.

Style: There are many styles of typefaces available but Teacher Fonts are usually Sans-Serif type of fonts as Sans-Serif fonts are modern and their visibility is stronger than others.

Design: Teacher Fonts does not add any extra caps or lines on the characters or at the edges of characters. As these additional designing to the characters may decrease the legibility of the text. They are designed in a straight and simple design and give an official look to the learning content.

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Best List of Teacher Fonts on Canva

There are many Teacher Fonts available on Canva that are used by teachers or educational institutions for making slides, presentations, documents, etc. These font styles are also included in the Canva graphic designing application. Some of these font styles are stated below.

  1. Times New Roman
  2. Roboto
  3. Poppins
  4. Nunito
  5. Open Sans
  6. Nexa (Pro)
  7. Cerebri (Pro)
  8. Zico Sans
  9. Madani Arabic
  10. Lato

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is officially designed for reading purposes. For writing newspapers Times New Roman is widely used. Its simple and decent characters make it more highly visible than others. Teachers and educational institutions prefer using Times New Roman for making slides or presentations so that the students can easily understand them.


The text in the Roboto typeface is typed in a rhythm having geometric features in it. The angular and geometric writing ability of the Roboto made it clear, clean, and visible. It is suitable for making presentations which is why teachers and institutions use this font style. Roboto font style is included in the Canva application and people can easily access it.


The grotesque and humanist typeface having geometric and angular base designed font style is Poppins. Characters in Poppins are rounded from the corners and have an x-height with an open aperture. These characteristics of Poppins make it legible and versatile which it suitable for teachers and educational institutions.  You can easily access Poppins font style in Canva.


Nunito is a humanist typeface with angular features which makes the text flexible and composed. Nunito can be accessed in Canva. It’s composed and modern layout makes it user-friendly and legible. Teachers used Nunito for writing body texts as it is perfectly done by using it.

Open Sans

The important feature of Open Sans is its open aperture which increases the legibility of the lowercase letters. Another characteristic of it is taller x-height. Open Sans is a composed and modern typeface and it is widely used by teachers. Canva contains Open Sans in it and is available for free.


Nexa is only available in the premium version of Canva. You cannot access Nexa in the free version of Canva. It is an up-to-date and angular typeface that offers high legibility. For writing documents, Nexa offers clean and clear lines with high proportionality which makes the documents legible.


Cerebri is only available in the premium version of Canva. Cerebri offers a distinctive look to the documents. It is a modern font style with wide strokes and has keen angles on the characters. These characteristics make Cerebri legible and enhance its usage. Teachers and educational institutions use the Cerebri font style.

Zico Sans

Zico Sans is a somewhat angular and geometric typeface with increased legibility and versatility. Its modern and clear visibility make it legible for young students. That is why teachers prefer to use Zico Sans font for making slides and presentations. It is accessible on Canva.

Madani Arabic

The Madani Arabic font style is used for writing Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic. It gives a sweet touch to Latin too. Designing approach of Madani Arabic is angular and geometric. Madani Arabic is highly legible and versatile, which is why it is used by teachers to write Urdu, Farsi, or Arabic. It is accessible from the Canva application.


Lato is an open aperture typeface with a humanist design. Its visibility is clean and clear with increased legibility. The X-height feature of Lato makes lowercase letters legible for the reader. Lato is an up-to-date typeface and has to round at the corners of the text with smooth curves on them.   


In this article, the best teacher font styles on Canva are explained. Teachers and educational institutions widely use teacher font styles, and they try to find the best font for them. If you are a teacher, it will help you to choose your best font style. Hope! You will get about them easily if you have an eye on the entire document.

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