20 Best Free Aesthetic Fonts in Canva

20 Best Free Aesthetic Fonts in Canva

What Is Aesthetics Font?

Before jumping into what Aesthetic Fonts are, let me tell you about the most-heard word from Gen Z which is “Aesthetics.” It is something that matches the vibe, aura, and feel of our personality and the dynamic world around us. Moreover, it is something stylish that gives a flayer of trend and personalization.

So is the case with aesthetic fonts. They are trendy fonts present in Canva that give a flayer of style to your design giving it a unique vibe

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In this guide, I have gathered a list of 20 free Canva aesthetic fonts that will redefine your design game in 2024.

1. Helvetica

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

This is the most common aesthetic font in Canva and is widely used because you can use it in three different ways: Yellow Subtitles, Tumblr Aesthetic, and 3D Aesthetic Text. In each style, it serves the best aesthetic purpose to its reader.

Due to its simple and timeless aesthetic, it can be applied across different contexts, from print to digital media, making it a go-to font for many designers.

2. Aurora

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

Aurora, Canva’s aesthetic font, radiates delightful sophistication. With its graceful, flowing lines and delicate details, Aurora brings a touch of refined beauty to any design.

That’s why, the font’s aesthetic appeal makes it perfect for projects that demand a sense of grace and style, such as invitations, branding, or social media posts.

3. Comfortaa

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

Comfortaa is often described as “the font that feels like a warm hug for your eyes.” Your eyes deserve a comforting relief while reading.

Apart from providing aesthetics, this is perfect for children’s books, playful designs, and friendly brand identities.

4. Sweet Apricot 

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

It is an aesthetic handwriting font.  Handwriting fonts will add the personal touch you need and are a lot easier than writing something out yourself and scanning it.

 Hence this font not only provides aesthetic effects to the design, it is equally wonderful to add an emotional connection to it.

So, Sweet Apricot is particularly useful in designs that aim to create a personal or friendly connection with readers.  

5. Playfair Display

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

Do you know that Playfair Display is named after the Scottish Enlightenment-era engineer and scientist John Playfair? It brings a touch of historical elegance to your designs.

Also, this is excellent for headings, book covers, and luxury brand designs.

6. Distillery Script

Helvetica Aesthetic font for Canva

As the name suggests, it is a sort of dancing font that brings a lively feel to your designs, and its name reflects the playful, dancing movement of the characters when you use it in your creations.

Due to its stylish and aesthetic appearance, it is perfect for invitations, social media graphics, and personal projects because it adds a touch of informality and warmth to the design.

7. Glassure Font

Look at the swimming-like typography of this aesthetic font on Canva. It could be used to add a touch of Hydra visual inside the text or the websites based on such themes.

Though a little difficult to decipher in longer texts, it is a good source for headings, highly artistic projects, and shorter text forms.


It is that aesthetic font that gives you the vibe of old numbers and developed films as evident from the picture as well. You can achieve classic 90s and nostalgic vibes while using this font.

Since it is inspired by the text commonly found on old VCRs (videocassette recorders) and other analog devices, it looks like that when used in designs.

Therefore, it can be used to add dates in an aesthetic manner or to give any retrospect.

9. Raleway Dots

Raleway’s thin and elegant design was inspired by the lettering on the opening credits of the 1937 movie “Captive Wild Woman.”

Coming from a movie itself, it is great for headers and writing movie titles that demands a theme similar to that.

10. Moonlight

What do you feel while looking at the moon?  Happy and at peace?  Hence this aesthetic font reflects its joyful and pleasing nature in the design as well. Through using this your text might just be secretly celebrating its newfound charm.

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The list is long and time is short, by the time I’m here talking about your attention span. Otherwise, I wish I could evaluate all Canva fonts for you. But I hope you enjoyed exploring Canva Best Free Aesthetic Fonts with me.

Found it useful?

So, the next time you start designing your project on Canva, remember the power these 16 Best multipurpose aesthetic fonts hold. Use them freely in your designs to achieve the best aesthetic results.

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