Simple Apps That Make A Picture Look Like A Drawing- Top Eight Picks

Apps That Make A Picture Look Like A Drawing

Who doesn’t love to use apps that make a picture look like a drawing? We all love to capture pictures to store our memories. No matter whether it is colourful or colourless, a picture can instantly take you back to the moment it was captured. But the vibes and feelings we get after seeing a drawing-like picture of us are surely unmatchable.

After full research, today I am here with the eight best apps that make a picture look like a drawing. Also, you will get to read about the right procedure to do this task, so don’t skip the ending.

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Eight Apps That Make A Picture Look Like A Drawing

Are you unable to find good apps that convert photos to drawings? We are here with not one, not two, but rather eight amazing apps that make a picture look like a drawing. We will be describing these apps one by one, so stay engaged to find the best one for you.

1. Painnt – To Bring Innovation to Your Drawings

Painnt -  an app that lets you turn a picture into a drawing

Are you searching for an app that transforms pictures into drawings realistically? End your searches with Painnt here. From the 90 drawing style filters out of the 2000 total in the list, you can get any effect you want. The years of experience of this app in the market promise the satisfaction of every user. This image editor comes with some free filters also but you will have to compromise on the variety here.

However, you can easily access the entire range of filters by paying a small weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription fee. So what are you waiting for? Just upload your original photo, click on your favourite style, and there comes your brilliant drawing.

2. iColorama S – The Perfect Place to Play With Colors

Do you want to turn your memorable images into artistic drawings within no time? Congrats, it is now possible with the iColorama S. This application provides you with a lot of filters and effects to play with. And especially if you are a professional editor, you’ll love to go through the numerous editing options for your drawing.

High image quality, faster results, and free operation are some of the perks this app offers. Just choose your favourite styling tool from the menu, tap on the effect, fix the intensity, resize your image, and that’s all. For better results, don’t forget to change the borders and shadows.

3. Clip2Comic – Transforms Your Photos into Funny Cartoons

Clip2Comic - A picture editing app that transforms your photos into funny cartoons

The Clip2Comic photo editor is one of the most renowned apps that make a picture look like a drawing. But don’t forget that this app is specifically for iPhone people. Whether you want to convert your images into drawings, paintings, or sketches, this app will do it for you.

Do you know the reason why Clip2Comic is making so much hype on the App Store? You got it right: excellent quality for no money. I mean, what does it matter to pay less than a dollar for removing the watermarks, too? Although you will get only 10 styles, the themes, effects, and results of these will surely be better than a hundred ordinary ones.

4. Prisma – Your Perfect Place to Drown in Colors

You must have heard about Prisma as the leading app that draws your pictures. It won’t be false to call it the best because of the numerous styles, unlimited filters, and amazing editing features. This photo-to-drawing converter transforms your dull photos into creative digital ones. So, if you are longing to bring life to your boring digital photos, this one is a must for you to try.

Probably the best thing about Prisma is its huge editing options for your drawings. Enhancing the photos or fine-tuning the filter is just a click away now. Along with these benefits, you will have to compromise on a few things if you are using the free version. But if you purchase it for $7.99/ monthly or $29.99/yearly, you can get instant access to unlimited filters and styles.

5. Photo Lab – The easiest way to make your photos look awesome

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

How about enhancing your photos with the Photo Lab Editor? This image editor app converts your pictures into incredible drawings. It goes well for beginners looking for some basic realistic drawings with the correct highlight, saturation, brightness, and sharpness. It allows you to avail brilliant artistic effects as well.

The best thing about this app is that you can customize the filters and effects as per your own choice. So, if you are hunting for the best apps that make a picture look like a drawing, don’t forget to add this one to the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a sketch effect?

A sketch effect is used to convert a standard image into an artistic piece. It changes your coloured photos into beautiful monochrome sketches, which look hand-drawn.

How to convert my photo into a sketch?

To convert your photo into a pencil sketch, upload it to the software. Now select your sketcher option from the Effects. End with applying the effect, and don’t forget to save.

Can you edit a sketched photo from the apps that convert pictures to drawings?

Yes, once you convert your picture into a drawing, you can edit it precisely using colorcinch. You can play with the hue, colors, highlight, sharpness, and other details.

Can I write on photo?

Yes, you can write on any photo using brushes of different sizes in different colours. You may also use your fingers to write something across your screen.

To Wrap It Up

The basic functions of all these apps that make a picture look like a drawing are the same: converting images into drawings. However, the variation comes in the number of features and advanced options available in these apps. If you are looking for just a basic conversion, the simple apps will suit you the most as a beginner. But if you want advanced features, you must go for the latest photo conversion apps for the best results.

For me, Prisma stands at the top of the list of the best apps that make a picture look like a drawing. Its efficient working, advanced features, and realistic results are some significant factors in achieving this position. With its easy usage, you can get great benefits both as a beginner and a pro user.

So don’t wait anymore and turn your photos into drawings within minutes.