100 Best Arabic Fonts in Canva APP

100 Best Arabic Fonts in Canva APP in TTF and Zip

Are you working on a design that includes the integration of different languages, let’s say Arabic too? Well, you can download the Best Arabic Fonts in Canva to use them in your designs.

Now within the Canva app, users can access a range of Arabic fonts spanning traditional calligraphy to sleek, modern options.

These fonts not only enhance visual appeal but also maintain cultural significance that usually comes with the Arabic language. Hence this two-in-one solution allows you a perfect blend of tradition and modernity in your designs.

Below is the list of Arabic fonts that are so widely used and can enhance the style of your design.

Stick to the end and you can get your hands on the Best Canva Arabic Calligraphy fonts:

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Let’s categorize the Best Arabic fonts based on Style, Benefit, Use, and Cultural or Historical Background:

1. Hudhud Arabic Font

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Geometric, Rounded.
  • Benefit: Playful and approachable, suitable for designs with a friendly tone.
  • Use: Great for social media graphics, children’s materials, and projects where a friendly aesthetic is desired.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Hudhud is named after a bird in Arabic folklore known for its melodious songs. So, the font is also like a playful and rounded geometric style, bringing a delightful tone to your creative art.

2. Symbio

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Modern, Geometric.
  • Benefit: Clean and contemporary aesthetics, suitable for a variety of design projects.
  • Use: Versatile; ideal for digital graphics, branding, and modern layouts.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Inspired by contemporary design trends, with a focus on geometric shapes for a modern appeal.

3. Talasem

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Traditional, Calligraphic.
  • Benefit: Elegance and artistic flair, suitable for formal and decorative designs.
  • Use: Ideal for invitations, formal documents, or projects requiring a touch of traditional calligraphy.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Talasem, with its graceful calligraphy, draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Arabic scripts. It adds a touch of elegance to your design.

4. Naghamah

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Decorative, Ornamental.
  • Benefit: Adds a decorative touch, suitable for artistic and creative projects.
  • Use: Best for titles, headers, or any design where ornamentation is desired.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Draws inspiration from Arabic ornamental art, combining aesthetics with cultural motifs.

5. Shakhabeet Bold Arabic Font in Canva

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Geometric, Bold.
  • Benefit: Strong and impactful, suitable for attention-grabbing headlines or branding.
  • Use: Ideal for posters, advertisements, and bold design statements.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Blends modern geometric design with a bold visual impact.

6. Teshrin

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Contemporary, Serif.
  • Benefit: Readability and sophistication, suitable for body text in various design projects.
  • Use: Great for editorial layouts, articles, and projects requiring clear and elegant typography.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Teshrin, named after the Syrian month of October, brings a touch of autumnal sophistication with its contemporary design. 

7. Aniq

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Modern, Sans-serif.
  • Benefit: Clean lines and simplicity, suitable for a range of modern design applications.
  • Use: Versatile; works well for digital media, branding, and print materials.
  • Cultural or Historical Background: Aniq, meaning ‘elegant’ in Arabic, lives up to its name by offering a sleek and modern touch in the font. 

8. Lateef

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Calligraphic, decorative.
  • Benefits: Elegant and suitable for titles or decorative elements.
  • Use: Ideal for artistic projects, invitations, or any design requiring a touch of calligraphic elegance.
  • Historical or Cultural Context: this font has the tradition of Arabic calligraphy and it evokes a sense of craftsmanship found in historical manuscripts.

9. Droid Kufi Canva Arabic Font

Amiri Canva biult in font to download and use
  • Style: Geometric, contemporary.
  • Benefits: Modern look with a touch of tradition, good for headlines.
  • Use: Well-suited for headlines, titles, and contemporary graphic designs.
  • Historical or Cultural Context: This is a modern interpretation of Kufic script. The Kufic script is a style of Arabic script that gained prominence early on as a preferred script for Quran transcription and architectural decoration, and it has since become a reference and an archetype for a various other Arabic scripts

Best Arabic Fonts for Different Design Projects:

Apart from the above fonts, for your more convenience, I have categorized Arabic fonts suitable for each category and project.

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Here are some popular Canva Arabic fonts for various design projects:

Best Arabic Fonts in Canva For Branding

  • Droid Arabic Naskh: Well-suited for modern and clean branding.
  • Noto Naskh Arabic: Versatile and readable, suitable for a wide range of brand identities.
  • Simplified Arabic: Clean and professional, suitable for corporate branding.
  • Bukra: Contemporary and stylish, ideal for brands with a modern aesthetic.
  • Kufi Standard GK: Offers a traditional yet elegant look for branding with a touch of cultural richness.

Best Arabic Canva Fonts For Social Media Graphics

  • Amiri: Readable and stylish, great for social media posts and graphics.
  • Reem Kufi: Modern and eye-catching, perfect for creating attention-grabbing social media content such as promotional content.
  • Harmattan: Clean and contemporary, works well for social media graphics with a modern feel.
  • Lalezar:  Playful and vibrant, suitable for adding a touch of creativity to social media visuals.
  • El Messiri: Elegant and versatile, great for conveying a sense of sophistication in social media designs.

Canva Islamic Editorial Layouts Fonts

  • Lateef: Elegant and suitable for a classic editorial layout with a focus on readability.
  • Sakkal Majalla: Balanced and versatile, works well for both headings and body text in editorial designs
  • Diodrum Arabic: Modern and stylish, ideal for editorial layouts with a contemporary touch.
  • Koodak: A friendly and casual font, perfect for editorial designs with a light-hearted tone.
  • Scheherazade: Traditional and highly readable, suitable for editorial content with a classic touch.

Ready to craft your designs with the beauty of Arabic script? Jump now into the Canva’s font library and discover the perfect Arabic fonts for your next project.

Explore these Best Arabic Fonts in Canva App and let your designs speak a language of their own.

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