Canva and PixelLab: Which App is the Best in 2023?

Canva and PixelLab Which App is the Best in 2023

If you are a graphic designer or trying to make content that would be for online use. You should must know about the fact that which app is better to use for your domain.

Hey! Are you trying to know which app is giving you the privilege to create wonderful visuals in 2023? No worries, we’re here to make it up for you. We’ll get you know which app is best to use Canva or PixelLab. The importance of content like attractive logos, eye-catching layouts, and video making is increasing rapidly. For this, you’ve to select a powerful tool for your designing to attract the outside world.

This blog is about Canva and PixelLab the two most popular graphic design softwares. These two privilege the user to create attractive logos and to edit their visuals in an eye-catching way. Both the software propose a wide range of attributes and abilities that allow the users to create staggering visuals smoothly and efficiently.

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Key Features and Capabilities of Canva and Pixellab

Let’s check the different features and functionalities about Canva and PixelLab which will definitely help you to find which tool is best for you.


Pixellab text on pictures app best graphics app for mobile

It is a photo editor that allows users to edit their photos with a wide range of text elements. You can add any of your images to its folder and start adding text to it. You can then save it on PixelLab and it will be then available for you to post it anywhere at any time. In this way, it’ll be smooth and easier for you to work. PixelLab is an Android application. It is only used on an Android device.

Features of PixelLab

  • Android Platform
  • Photo Editing Abilities
  • U-F Interface
  • Custom Tailored Templates
  • Text and Typography
  • Offline Mode
  • Free-to-Use
  • 3D-Texts and Stickers

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Capabilities of Pixellab for Android Platform

PixelLab is made by the approach of a third party and that made it to be used only on Android devices. Some versions of PixelLab can be used on iOS devices. But complete features of PixelLab are available on the Android App only.

Pixellab Photo Editing Abilities

PixelLab contains a huge variety of photo-editing potential that allows the user to amplify and to modify their photos on their own inside the application.
You can:

  • Remove the Background
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Add Texts
  • Create Memes
  • Make Drawings
  • Import and Export Your Images
  • Change Text Colors
  • Browse Quotes
  • Change Text Fonts
  • Add Stickers
  • Add 3D-Texts

These photo editing features of PixelLab make it easy for people who want to modify and edit their images on their own.

U-F Interface

It is a user friendly application interface. Its layout and free to use features made it smooth and easier for the beginners and well as the pro-editors too.

Custom Tailored Templates

PixelLab provide a good range of templates that can only be customised as per the need of the user. These templates include various class, social media posts, ads, banners and many more. You can grip these templates to start your projects and tailored them as per your needs.

Text and Typography

The main strength of PixelLab is its Text and Typography tools which gives the privilege to user to create visually distinct text-based designs. An extensive range of fonts and fonts styles with tailor-made options is offered by PixelLab. User can use the features like 3D-text effects, curve text and shadow text etc. The flexibility in demonstrative creative ideas through its Typography tools is its hot topic of discussion and popularity and success.

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Offline Mode

PixelLab gives you the opportunity to work in offline mode. It’ll enable you to continue your creative aim without any internet issues. This feature of PixelLab is basically for the people who have some internet availability issues. You can work at any time and at any place without the need of Internet on PixelLab.

Free to Use

PixelLab is totally free to use app. All of its features are available for free. There is no need to buy any premium versions of PixelLab to access each and every feature.

3D-Texts and Stickers

PixelLab is offering a wide range of stickers to add on your images that too for free to use. It also offers you to add 3D-Texts designs to your images to enhance their depth and dimensions in an outstanding way.

3D-Texts and Stickers in Pixellab app

Canva All in One Graphic Designing Tool

It is another most popular and easy to use Graphic Designing Tool. It is used to make digital marketing content to enhance business ideas. You can make your videos, sales presentations by using Canva. It gives you many features to increase your image quality and to make your content creative. There is a wide range of ready to use templates available in Canva for users which saves a lot of time of the user.

Key Features and Capabilities of Canva

Some important features of Canva are:

  • Hybrid App
  • Templates
  • Sharing Templates
  • Impressive Resizing Ability
  • Fonts
  • Hyperlinks
  • Brand Kit
  • Premium Version
  • Social Scheduling

Hybrid App

Canva is a hybrid app. A hybrid App us one which can be used on any type of device whether it’s android, desktop, iOs or MaC. People can access Canva on any type of device. There’s no device restriction on Canva.


Canva offers a wide range of ready-to-use Templates. These templates include Logos, Posters, Flyers, Stickers, Websites and many more. There are some templates which are free to use on Canva while you can access all of its templates on its Premium version only.

Sharing Templates

It also gives you the opportunity to share your templates on your Canva accounts. Which further people can bought and use them on their own accounts. In this way you can share your templates with others.

Impressive Resizing Ability

An impressive visual resizing ability of Canva makes it different from others. You can resize your designs on Canva in an efficient way. By using Canva you can easily resize and crop your videos and images smoothly without any additional efforts.


You can add numerous effects to your fonts like outlines, styles, shadows and curvatures. This feature of playing with fonts makes your texts to look better and effectively reflected. You can style your texts without using Adobe Photoshop etc.


The Hyperlinking ability of Canva makes it better from others. Canva offers you to make your Hyperlinks like whenever someone clicks on your link on Instagram of Facebook. Then the hyperlinking feature of Canva open your website on Instagram or Facebook.

Brand Kit

Brand Kit feature of Canva allows you to select your brand colours, logos, pictures, fonts that you want your employees to use in your company. This feature is only available in Canva Pro’s premium version.

Brand Kit Option in Canva to add cusotm fonts and colors

Background Remover

The background remover of Canva allows you to change the background of your designs like a video or image. It is easy to use and modify on Canva and saves a lot of time of the user.

Canva App Bg Remover feature to remove image background in one click

Premium Version

If you are not a beginner and a pro user (graphic designing expert) then there’s a Premium Version of Canva available for you. You can buy its Premium version to access every feature of it.

Social Scheduling

Canva allows you to share your content on social media on a scheduled time. This feature also saves a lot of time of the user as the scheduled content will be shared on the specific time on its own without any attempt of the user.

Which app is best?

Canva offers you a wide range of Ready to Use tools and features which saves a lot of time of the user. The ready to use templates of the Canva makes to work easier for user unlike PixelLab. On PixelLab you have to make your templates on your own which takes a lot of time of the user. Canva is not a free software platform. If you want to access all of the features on Canva then you either have to buy its premium version or to work with the limited free features while PicelLab is totally a free to use app. All of its features and templates are available for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is easy to use? Canva or PixelLab?

Canva is an easy to use application as all of your work needs are done in templates and are available for you to kickstart your work rather than sitting onboard to make Templates on your own to start making your project.

Which one is better to use?

If you’ve no internet issues and you want to use ready made templates then Canva is best for you. But if you have internet problems and there is a risk of internet failure then PixelLab is best for you as it can be used in an offline mode. PixelLab is best for those who want to make each and every thing of designs on their own.

Is PixelLab Free-to-Use?

Yes, PixelLab is totally free to use for people. There’s no premium or free trial offers for people on PixelLab. It is always available for free for everyone.

Is Canva totally Free?

No, some features of Canva are free to use while most of its features are only available on its Premium Version.

Can I use Canva for Professional Use?

Yes, Canva is made for beginners as well as for Pro Designers. Canva saves a lot of time of the users as everything is ready to use in Canva. Therefore people prefer using Canva for their professional purposes.

Can I use PixelLab for Professional Use?

Yes, PixelLab can be used professionally because of its tailor made features and templates ability. People who want to make their designs on their own can use PixelLab for their professional needs. PixelLab also saves a lot of money of the user as it is totally a free to use app and can be used in an offline mode.

Can I use PixelLab on iOs, MaC, Desktop?

No, PixelLab is not a Hybrid App. It is only an android platform app. Some of its versions could be used and accessed on iOs devices only. But complete version of PixelLab can be only use on Android devices.

Can I use Canva on Android Phone?

Off coarse Yes, Canva is a hybrid app and it can be accessed and used on any type of device whether it is an android phone, android tablet, MaC devices, iOs devices or desktop devices.

Which app can be used in an Offline mode? Canva or PixelLab?

Only PixelLab can be used in an offline mode. You cannot use Canva in an offline mode.