50 Free Canva Retro Fonts: Best Free Picks From the 80s!

Top Free Canva Retro Fonts

Who doesn’t love a little dose of nostalgia? The vintage vibes, the retro feelings, the old-school charm —It’s not always the feeling of the past but sometimes romanticizing them is all you need. And what better way than typography?

Retro writing has never been so cool, and Canva has all such fonts available. These fonts are like a blast from the past, perfect for creating a vintage-modern look in your designs.

Thus I’ve got you a comprehensive list of the best free Canva retro fonts. Whether you’re working on vintage-style posters, adding a touch of nostalgia to your photo overlays, or creating any creative project, you’ll find a font here that’s a perfect match. So, let’s get straight into it!

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The Best Free Canva Retro Fonts You Should Must Try!

  1. Adam Script
  2. Arsenica Antiqua
  3. Art Nuvo
  4. Coiny
  5. Nectarine
  6. Genty
  7. Limelight
  8. Oleo Script
  9. Retropix
  10. Old Standard

1. Adam Script

Adam Script retro font free to use in Canva

A perfectly vintage font with no overdoing on the layers – Adam Script is the finest choice for all your typographies. With its distinctive typography and elegant flow, this tone truly stands out. It doesn’t just add style; it brings a personal touch and an air of intimacy to every project.

Retro Charm: If you’re into romanticizing the past, this font’s got your back. It’s got that old-school, nostalgia-inducing vibe that’ll make your designs pop!

Cost: Adam Script is absolutely free to use! It’s like a free ticket to Font Paradise.

2. Arsenica Antiqua

Adam Script retro font free to use in Canva

This font is so perfect to add that old-school charm. It’s decorative, looks bold, and adds a dominant nostalgic touch with its intricate design elements and beautiful characters. Arsenica is all about the little details and elegant strokes that give your creations a personal touch as if you penned them yourself. You know what’s the cherry on top? Arsenica Antiqua costs you absolutely zero penny to add that beautiful touch to your projects! Must give it a try. 

3. Art Nuvo

Art Nuvo Retro Font to use free in Canva app

If you love a historical touch on your graphics, Art Nuvo is beyond perfect free font you can ever ask for! It’s like having a piece of the past right at your fingertips, with ornate lettering that’s a nod to the glorious Art Nouveau era. Also, If you love bold, shiny headers on book covers, give Art Nuva a try, you will not disappoint with this free Canva retro font since even in smaller font sizes, this font is remarkably readable.

4. Coiny

Art Nuvo Retro Font to use free in Canva app

What’s better than typography with a perfect blend of retro touch with a dash of fun and energy? Meet Coiny, your new best friend when it comes to adding that playful vibe to your designs. If you are working on any kind of kid’s project, coiny will be your perfect writing partner, and guess what? It’s also absolutely free Canva retro font!

5. Nectarine

Nectarine is another fantastic retro font that you can snag for free in Canva! With its attractive, lively, bold, handwritten style, it is like adding a playful twist to your designs! What is even more intriguing is the way it drifts between thick and thin strokes and a subtle slant to its letterforms, and this will make your graphics look like a total vintage blast with a modern touch!

6. Genty

Art Nuvo Retro Font to use free in Canva app

Goes perfectly with the name, Genty adds a literal gentle retro touch to your writing. This font boasts distinctive curves and lines, giving your designs a touch of character that’s all its own. It’s all about making your projects feel warm and approachable.

7. Limelight

Though this free Canva retro font has a modern name but it solely revolves around vintage vibes. It’s like taking a stylish journey back to the bold and dramatic lettering of the 1920s and 1930s, adding a touch of class to your designs. Its high contrast with a bold touch adds a strong visual impact to your writing!

8. Oleo Script

Oleo Script – this free Canva retro font is way too lovely and is perfect for logos, headlines, posters, or any design that requires some elegance. Its curve looks soft and doesn’t hold a dominant impact so if you’re too big on friendly writing mode, Oleo Script can be your partner!

9. Retropix

Retropix is an intriguing font that captures the heart of retro design with a modern twist. It’s like taking a stroll down memory lane, with a pixelated vibe that gives a nod to those early video game days. If you are working on some vintage technical typography projects, Retropix will be the best choice with zero subscription charges!

10. Old Standard

Old Standard font is a perfect retro aesthetic. Not only for headers or bold titles, you can use it to craft the whole write-up, and guess what? Your content will have a perfect blend of balanced modern and vintage design elements. Do try it out if you love straight distinct fonts that are free to use as well!

More Free Canva Retro Fonts List

However, the aforementioned fonts are way more than enough to give your typographies a perfect vintage touch and Canva doesn’t only let you play with them but it has hundreds of more free retro fonts.

Check this list out and choose whatever works perfectly for you!

  • 20db
  • 29LT Arapix
  • Agitaciya
  • Anton
  • Awesome Lathusca
  • Bangers
  • Basis33
  • Bevan
  • Brice BoldCondensed
  • Bright Retro
  • Cantora One
  • Costa Rica
  • Cranberry
  • Foglihten Black Pcs
  • Fontuna
  • Gliker
  • Hatton Black
  • Hagrid Text Heavy
  • Kooka
  • Rundeck
  • Sacramento 
  • Stadio Now Weirdo
  • Tan Moonlight
  • Yellow Tail
  • Yodnam

How to Choose the Perfect Free Canva Retro Font?

There are almost hundreds and thousands of retro fonts available but can every style resonate perfectly with your content demand? Hell no! This quick guide will help you choose your perfect pick!

  • Know Your Era

Start by picking an era that speaks to you – 1950s, 1970s, or 1980s, for example. It will narrow down your font choices. 

  • Set the Mood

Decide if you want a playful, fun vibe or something more serious and bold. For a more serious tone, opt for fonts with strong, geometric forms.

  • Stay Legible

Make sure the font is easy to read, even when used in longer text.

  • Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to combine different retro fonts for a unique look. Remember, retro designs often benefit from font pairings.

  • Test Sizes

Check how the font looks at different sizes – from headlines to smaller text. It will help you make quick styling choices!

In a nutshell, typography is fun if you know how to do it right. Following these simple steps will help you find the perfect retro font to bring out nostalgia and style in your designs. So, embrace those retro vibes and watch your project come to life with the perfect aesthetic blend!

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