How to install fonts on Pixellab — Complete Guide

How to install fonts on Pixellab APP a compleate guide

Typography is a technique to organize characters and texts to make the documents readable, alluring, clear, and legible for the viewer. Typography makes it possible for the reader to distinguish between different font styles. Typography gives life to the document. Quality typography initiates a strong ranking, graphic balance to the websites, and visual appeal to the overall document.

Using perfect typography will magnify and glorify the visual representation of your content. There are limited font styles available on PixelLab. But there is no need to limit your options while choosing fonts when unlimited beautiful, pleasing, and stylish font styles are available. Your choice of using font style will present your content’s appearance. This blog will discuss how to add/install different font styles in PixelLab.

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Websites from where we can download different Font Styles

Many websites are available on the internet from where we can install different types of elegant and beautiful font styles in the PixelLab app. Downloading font styles by searching the internet and choosing a font is time-consuming. We are here to make it easy for you. Here is a list of 10 websites that allow you to install font styles for free.

Here are 10 of the best websites where you can download fonts:

  1. Google Fonts
  2. DaFont
  3. Font Squirrel
  4. Adobe Fonts
  5. FontSpace
  6. 1001 Fonts
  7. Behance
  8. Fontfabric
  9. FontSpring
  10. MyFonts

1—Google Fonts: The World’s Most Trustworthy Typography Hub

Google Fonts is one of the most popular resource websites for installing font styles. You can add font styles in PixelLab by installing them from Google Fonts. Google is the official owner of it. It is a web and computer font service provider. Google Fonts is an open-source library that includes 980 font styles. These fonts could be used in 135 languages. All of these 980 font styles are available to install for free. 

Google Fonts is the most trustworthy website. You can explore many artistic, aesthetic, beautiful, and elegant font styles for your creative designs. Designers prefer using Google Fonts for customizing and optimizing fonts. Its simple layout makes it easy to use. Designers use it to add fonts in PixelLab for their business and commercial uses.

2—Font Squirrel: Professional Fonts at Your Fingertips

Font Squirrel is a language-based font-style installer website. It provides fonts in 186 languages. Every language has a different range of font styles. Like

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  1. German 1002 (Font Families)
  2. Greek 99
  3. English 1220
  4. Dutch 940
  5. Turkish 589
  6. Indonesian 1056
  7. French 931
  8. Finnish 1030
  9. Cambrian 623
  10. Russian 181

People prefer using Font Squirrel because of its language-friendly nature. You can download your fonts in the desired languages. It is easy to search in Font Squirrel as you can search them by their names and tags.

From the Font Squirrel website, a wide range of elegant and beautiful fonts can be installed on your PixelLab App. All types of fonts are available on it. The wide range of fonts and easy licensing give an outstanding drift to your designs and documents.

3—DaFont: High-Quality Fonts with a Distinctive Style

DaFonts is one of the top installers used for downloading font styles. It is an open-source library of fonts containing 80,000 font styles. All of them are available for free to download. People use it to add font styles in PixelLab for personal and professional use.

All the fonts in this website’s layout are organized and categorized with alphabets and themes of the font styles. There are 72 themes available from where you can choose your font style. The wide range of font styles on DaFonts are high quality and easily distinguishable. You can install fonts for desktop, Mac, Android, and Linux using the DaFonts website.

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FontSpace is one of the most widely used and popular free font installers in the world. It offers almost 1 lac or more font styles for free. FontSpace is a legally licensed service provider. Legitimization is one of the qualities that make it popular and effective.

You can install fonts from FontSpace on every device such as desktop, Mac or Android, etc. Calligraphic, mono-line, and handwritten fonts are its main strengths. Fonts installed from the FontSpace website can be used on every application of your device. So you can also add fonts from FontSpace to your PixelLab APK.

5—Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts is an online library of fonts available to download fonts for all the applications on your device. These font styles are used to make documents, designs, and mock-ups. Adobe Fonts offers more than 25,000 font styles. Its subscription plans include free font styles.

Fonts can be used directly on different websites and applications by using the Adobe Fonts library. All of these fonts are to be used on every type of device. Adobe Fonts is perennially-licensed. You can also add fonts on PixelLab by using Adobe Fonts.

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How to Add Custom Fonts in Pixellab

You can follow this guide to install fonts to Pixellab easily.

Step 1: Choose a Font Site and Download the Font

Choose a website to download custom fonts such as FontSpace. You can download thousands of free fonts from these sites but please make sure to check the font license before using any fonts for commercial uses. Because many sites just provide free fonts for only personal use.

While adding custom fonts to an Android device, downloading the TTF version is a commonly used method.

As you can see below, I have downloaded the Autumn Flowers’s modern and stylish calligraphy script font.

Step 2: Create a New Project in the Pixellab App and Go to Font (Ab)Tab

After saving the font on your system, add a text layer and go to the Font tab to change the styling of the text in the Pixellab app.

Step 3: Chose the Font from Your Device and Upload

Go to the MY FONTS tab, click on the (+) button, and then select the downloaded font from your saved location.

As you can see, we have successfully uploaded the Autumn Flowers’s custom font in Pixellab. All the styling has been applied to the text.

Final Thoughts

This article will help you to install fonts on Pixellab app. If you are planning to add different language fonts like Urdu and Arabic, then Pixel Lab is a far better app to begin with without costing any money.

In the end, I wish to Make the most of your typography design skills with the Pixellab app!

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