How to Open, Edit and Share PLP Files in Pixellab

Learn about How to Open Edit and Share PLP Files in Pixellab

The PLP files not showing in Pixellab is a very common issue that you may come across at any time. Instead of searching for the WRONG Pixellab PLP file support APK, you can approach the issue calmly and fix it with the right method.

By reading the post, you will know how to open PLP files in Pixellab. And, of course, useful and simple solutions have been illustrated for your convenience. Let’s dive into the solution now!

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Why do your PLP files not show up in the Pixellab App?

Q: I have the latest version of the Pixellab app on my mobile, and I can not see my saved PLP file in File Manager Folder. What can I do?

There are various causes, and you can check to know why your PLP files could not show up in the Pixellab app.

  • Wrong Pixellab APK Version: Using the wrong version of the Pixellab App is one of the core causes you can not open and share PLP Files.
  • Incorrect Location for Saving PLP Files: Most Pixellab users do not know the exact location to save their PLP files so that they can edit them later.

Before starting to fix this issue let me explain to you what are the Pixellab PLP files.

What is a PLP File?

PLP files are the native file format in Pixellab. You’ve probably seen files with the .plp extension format, especially if you’ve been a Pixellab user.

Unlike some other graphics files, PLP files can contain images as well as layers, filters, vectors, text, transparencies, and much more.

Pixellab PLP files are a great way to save your design work and keep everything organized. They are also an excellent way to share your way with others.

How to Save PLP file in Pixellab

You will make the PLP File when you finish editing. Here is the workflow for making a File:

  • First, find the “Save” button on Pixellab and click the “Save as Project” button to make your desired PLP file.
  • Now you’ll see a new window show up, and you can now type the file name and hit the OK button to save the PLP file.

How to Open Saved PLP File in Pixellab

As you have seen, how can we save PLP File using the Pixellab app? Now it’s time to learn how we can open a saved PLP file. Here are the steps to follow:

1: Open the Pixellab app.

2: Click on the 3 dots and Tab on open.plp file.

hwo to open a saved PLP file in Pixellab

3: Here, you can find all the saved PLP files. Click on any file that you want to edit.

opening saved file in PIxellab

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Final Words

The above listed are several ways by which a PLP file can be opened on your Pixellab app. Choose the method that is suitable for your device and fulfils your requirements. Pixellab is a great tool if you are looking to design awesome logos, social media posters and YouTube thumbnails.

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