Top 10 Pixellab Alternative For Android & iOS

Check out Top 10 Pixellab Alternative For Android & iOS

Are you looking for a Pixellab alternative?

Pixellab is one of the best ( and most popular ) photo editing tools for iOS and Android. However, Pixellab may not suit your aesthetic tastes. So let’s review our favorite alternatives.

In general, Pixellab provides wonderful space for designing things like logos, YouTube thumbnails as well as Social Media banners. You can also enjoy trendy filters, colourful 3D text, cloning options, and an eraser tool to remove objects from your photos.

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10 Best Pixellab Alternatives for Graphic Design

Here is the list of the 10 best Pixellab alternatives for you. Just try the one you like the most and get a better design experience.

1: Canva – Creative Graphic Design App Expressive Designs, Limitless Possibilities

Your Vision, Your Design: Where Anyone Can Create. It’s a platform where creativity meets simplicity. And you know what? With this app, “No Design Skills Needed“.

Some interesting Statistics About Canva (Source: Canva)

  • Canva is used by 135 million people each month.
  • Canva has users based in more than 190 Countries.
  • 235 Million Presentations Created on Canva in 2022.
  • Canva for Education is used by over 45 million teachers and students around the world.
  • Canva is in the top 100 most visited websites in at least 61 countries.

Design knows no boundaries, and with Canva’s Android app, creative expression becomes accessible to all. Canva lets you design almost anything you can think of – from social media graphics to presentations and invitations.

Canva is perfect for businesses, bloggers, and teachers. It helps you create marketing materials, blog graphics, and learning materials.

Canva is also one of the few blogging tools that I use on a daily basis.


Founder, Blogging Gudie

Canva is most popular for making custom logos, invitations, and business cards with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.

The good thing is that Canva works on both computers and mobile devices so that you can design on the go.

According to Canva

Canva is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as with iOS and Android devices.

With Canva Drop and Drap app, turn your ideas into masterpieces on your Android device, and watch your designs come to life in just a few taps.

2: Picsart AI Photo Editor – Where Art Meets Innovation

Picsart AI Photo Editor is another fantastic graphic design software available for both web and mobile devices. Picsart AI Photo Editor has garnered massive popularity worldwide, attracting over 500 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms combined.

Picsart is an awesome app. It is sort of a photo editor, but you can do ai generated images that are fun to play with, do hand drawn art, and more! This is crazy and I really love it 🙂 I have made several gifs, stickers, and photos with this, and they all turned out amazing. I 100% recommend this app.


Blogger, and Content Creator

With Picsart AI Photo Editor, you can design a wide range of stunning graphic designs, posters, and social media graphics using an extensive collection of stickers, fonts, and templates. With a little experience and know-how, you can create anything you can imagine using Picsart! It’s so easy to use and still end up with outstanding results.

Some interesting Statistics About PicsArt)

  • Picsart has a community of over 100 million monthly active users.
  • It’s rated 4.04 out of 5 stars, based on 11,353,654 ratings.
  • Picsart si the 4th most popular app uesd for Graphic Design in United States.

3: Adobe Express: Graphic Design

Adobe clearly produces some of the best apps and softwares. The Adobe Express: Graphic Design is no exception.

Editors who lean more towards graphic designing – this app is the perfect on-the-go companion for you! Adobe Express gives access to Adobe’s popular and widely acclaimed resources that enable you to create masterpieces in no time.

Adobe Express: Graphic Design impresses us with features like:

Access to Adobe Stock Photos: Get access to the vast gallery of Adobe stock photos and turn them into unique and creative designs.

Vibrant Templates: Scroll through the beautiful and vibrant collection of pre-made templates and customize them according to your personal or professional needs.

All-in-one Social Media Toolkit: Adobe Express is a one-stop-shop solution for your brand’s social media needs. From logos to posters, flyers to banners, business cards to invitation cards – design anything and everything in one place.

Some interesting statistics about Adobe Express: Graphic Design:

  • Editor’s Choice app for graphic designers.
  • More than 10 million downloads.
  • A whopping 4.7 star rating on Google Play store.

4: Snapseed


This app is truly a mini Photoshop in your pocket!

Snapseed is a powerful tool that is at par with professional photo editing software. It is one of the oldest apps which has stood the test of time. Snapseed is developed by the tech giant Google which is testament enough to the capabilities and performance of this app.

Snapseed offers unique features such as:

Precision Editing: Snapseed has made target editing not only possible but convenient toot by allowing control over the intensity and precision of customization on desired parts of an image.

Wide Range of Filters: For beginners or those who do not prefer editing from scratch, Snapseed’s huge gallery of filters is a quick solution to professional-looking photos.

User-Friendly Design: Do not let the professional features of this app intimidate you! These features come packaged in a user-friendly design that can turn even an amateur into a pro.

Some interesting statistics about Snapseed

  • Developed by Google in 2011, making it one of the oldest apps in the market.
  • More than 100 million downloads.
  • Rated 4.3 stars by over 1.5 million users on Google Play store.

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5: Pixelcut AI Photo Editor

As the name suggests, Pixelcut is an AI-powered photo editing app that is here to make your designing process 10x smoother and smarter.

Pixelcut offers AI functions that are sure to take your simple image to new levels of creativity – with minimal effort! Some of its impressive features include:

Background Remover: A high-level feature in a mobile app that effortlessly removes backgrounds with a few taps. Replace the background with the image or colour of your choice.

Magic Eraser: Polish your photos with the magic eraser that can eliminate any unwanted items from the frame.

AI Photoshoot: Get professional and creative photos of any product. No more planning, setting, photographing, and editing photos for your product! This feature is fantastic for product-based businesses.

Batch Edit: Once you get a hang of this app, you’ll be amazed at how convenient it is to edit multiple images at once. Increased productivity in a fraction of your time!

As Pixelcut says

“No Studio? No Problem.

Save time and money – create 10x more product photos with our virtual studio, no travel or photographers needed!”

Some interesting statistics about Pixelcut

  • 15 million people create high-quality and trending designs via Pixelcut.
  • It’s been rated 4.4 stars on Google Play store.

6: Lightroom Photo and Video Editor


This app has the power to turn a simple image into a piece of art.

Lightroom is a must-have if you wish to master the art of photo and/or video editing. Developed by Adobe, this app is the mobile-friendly version of the popular software that goes by the same name – “Lightroom”. Apart from basic editing features, this app doesn’t fail to offer the remarkable features that its desktop version is known for.

Lightroom offers a distinctive editing experience thanks to features like:

Advanced Colour Grading: Lightroom is THE app if you wish to experiment with different tones, exposure, HSL (Hues, Saturation, and Luminance), and colour corrections.

Sync Across Devices: Access your data on all devices with the same Lightroom account. Perfect when you need to make changes on the go or take your work to the bigger screen for heavy editing.

Beautiful Presets: For quick yet notable editing, Lightroom’s presets are the way to go. Pair the presets with some custom editing to get the best of both worlds with minimum effort.

Some interesting statistics about Lightroom Photo and Video Editor

  • It is an Editor’s Choice app on Google Play store.
  • More than 100 million people have trusted and used Lightroom.
  • Flaunts a 4.5 star rating by more than 2 million users.

7: PicsKit Photo Editor and Design

If you’re an artistic editor – this app is made for you!

The PicsKit Photo Editor and Design is the app for all the “cool” people who prefer to add a little funk to their work. Beginners should not shy away from this app either, and here’s why: its layer-based format allows ample room for correction and customization of any error without affecting the whole image.

PicsKit stands out due to its artistic features, such as:

Chic Stickers: Find cool stickers to amp up your photo or design. Stickers are a sure way to attract more audience and viewers on the internet when used as thumbnails.

Cool Templates: Add some neon and bling to your life (read: image) using PicsKit’s pre-made templates. It’ll take just one tap to turn a plain and boring image into a graphic treat!

Layer-Based Editing: You only realize how valuable this feature is once you start using it! The layer-based format allows ample room for correction and customization of any error without affecting the whole image.

Artistic Filters: The graphic and artistic filters of this app will leave everyone surprised by your advanced editing skills.

Some interesting statistics about PicsKit Photo Editor and Design

  • It has attracted over 10 million users
  • 4.6 star rating on Google Play store

8: Add Text: Text on Photo Editor

An app that is solely dedicated to texts? Yes, please!

The Add Text app features 800+ font options, making it a goldmine of versatility and creativity for text editing. Along with fonts, the app allows multiple options for customization of text. From bold to italic, highlights to shadows, bending to tilting – you name it, they have it!

Some of the app’s impressive features include the:

Editing Parts of Texts: Isn’t it annoying when you want to edit a single word or sentence from text, but there’s no way around it? Not with Add Text. You may customize the word or sentence of your choice without affecting the complete text.

Access More Fonts: If the 800+ fonts from the app still aren’t enough to find that perfect font for you, no problem! The Add Text app allows its users to download fonts from other sources and access them on the app. The best of both worlds!

Ultimate Control: We don’t say it lightly. You have ultimate control when using this app thanks to its various features that can also be combined together to create a unique outcome. The best part? You can save the exact settings to use in the future, too!

Some interesting statistics about Add Text

  • More than 10 Million people have benefitted from this app
  • A whopping 4.7 star rating on the Google Play store

Our Final Thoughts About Pixellab Alternative For Android

Here’s a rundown of all the apps mentioned in this article. We have sorted them according to their strengths so that you don’t have to!

Best Apps for Social Media Designing

  • Canva
  • PicsKit Photo Editor and Design
  • Adobe Express: Graphic Design

Best Apps for Creative Photo Editing

  • Picsart AI Photo Editor
  • PicsKit Photo Editor and Design
  • PixelCut AI Photo Editor
  • Adobe Express: Graphic Design

Best Apps for Professional Photo Editing

  • Snapseed
  • Lightroom Photo and Video Editor

Best Apps for Video Editing

  • Lightroom Photo and Video Editor
  • Canva

Best Apps for Creative Fonts and Texts

  • Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
  • PicsKit Photo Editor and Design

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